Are you looking for an original Valentine’s Day present for someone passionate about wine?

Here are some simple ideas for you from the Josetta Saffirio cellar:

A gift certificate for a tasting for two: it includes a guided tour of the cellar and a winetasting experience. You can choose between the Authentic Experience: that include a visit and a tasting of four wines, one of which is a Barolo, for have the possibility to taste different types of wine and have a 360-degree view of the company’s wines. Or, the Barolo Experience, a tasting of five wines, of which three are: Barolo Classic, Barolo Persiera and Barolo Reserve. A tasting more focused on Barolo and the different characteristics of this  wine.



– A gift certificate for lunch in the cellar for two people: a cellar visit and a tasting in the cellar is followed by a light lunch. Lunch includes three antipasti and dessert in the Piedmontese tradition paired with four of the Estate’s wines. It’s for anyone who appreciates total wine and food culture.


– A gift certificate for truffle-hunting for two people: a truffle hunt with our ‘trifolau’ (truffle hunter) and his ‘tabui’ (truffle dog) in the local forest. It’s an experience for animal and nature lovers. The truffle hunt is followed by a cellar visit and a tasting of four wines (of which one Barolo) paired with a charcuterie and cheese board.




-Picnic amid the vines for two: a cellar visit is combined with a tasting of four wines (of which one Barolo). Following the tasting, a lunchbox with everything for a picnic is supplied: threetraditional Piedmontese antipasti, bread, water, dessert, plates, knives and forks and cups. The lunchbox also contains a bottle of either Barbera d’Alba Superiore or Langhe Nebbiolo along with a Josetta Saffirio corkscrew. It’s an experience to have outside!

-Gift certificate for an amount that you choose. The recipient can decide to use it to reserve an Experience on the Estate or convert it to buy wine.

-A mixed box of six bottles of wine: You can compose your own box of wine, choosing from Barbera d’Asti Superiore, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barolo Classico, Barolo Persiera, Barolo Riserva, Langhe Rossese Bianco, Classic Method Nebbiolo Spumante, Moscato d’Asti, Passito, grappa and oil. Compose your box of six bottles as you see fit!

All gift certificates are valid for a year; the recipient can decide when to use them. All activities should be reserved in advance and are subject to the availability of the cellar at any particular time.

Contact us for more information and to get your gift certificate!