Our roots are in Monforte d’Alba, in Piedmont, from five generations and two hundred years

Our vineyards are located in Monforte d’Alba (one of the eleven municipalities of the Barolo production), on Castelletto hill, facing south east, for a total of 5 hectares of vineyards mostly planted as Nebbiolo.

From 1948

The history

Our oldest vineyard was planted in 1948 on rootstock Rupestris by Ernesto Saffirio. From this we get the vineyard Barolo Millenovecento48 Reserve. In the selection of new plants, much space was given to clones derived from this vineyard with the aim of maintaining the texture of the past and the narrative DNA of plants.

Chosen plants

Our vineyards

Our vineyards are polyclonal, thanks to the use of selected plants from university research over the last thirty years: the result is a great complexity of the different smell and taste nuances of Barolo.