In the beginning everything was chaotic and in turmoil; this is what we’re told in the stories of the beginning of the world, so how could it possibly be different for any other new beginning? Today, after a day spent working in the vineyards and the cellar, and looking after my children, I took an hour to reflect a little.

The turmoil of sounds gives birth to a melody, the turmoil of words gives birth to a thought which can be refined and become a story, a poem or a song. And in the very same way, a wine stain can be used to generate a painting, a multisensory work of art.

The art of PurpleRyta with the wine 

And this is how the works of Rita Barbero, aka PurpleRyta, are born, from wine that is poured onto paper and becomes a stain, giving life to the creative process. The wine dances across the sheet and creates images and inspiration which she then moulds into art.

Rita Barbero’s “wine paintings” are quite literally multisensory works of art. They involve all the senses of those who stand and admire them: sight, smell, taste but also touch (think of the astringency of tannins, which is textured), and sound – everyone is familiar with the sound made by bubbles when they fizz up inside a wine glass and make the atmosphere in a room sparkling and fun.

The works of PurpleRyta are both entertaining and sensual, dancing on paper and just begging to be admired and discovered with all the senses. They are paintings that talk about the vine, grapes and wine as feminine art elements.

Rita Barbero guest at our winery on Saturday the 15th of December

Rita Barbero will be a guest at our winery on Saturday the 15th of December, and will be bringing her art and her “women with messy hair”, for an event where everyone will have the chance to paint with wine.

An afternoon devoted entirely to the nectar of the gods and to art, in which each participant can discover how the senses interact with wine, along with the brain and the body. 

Painting with wine and tasting: Barbera and Nebbiolo, two very different grape varieties and wines: let’s explore them with all five senses”, this is the event I’m organising at the winery, dedicated to those who want to play and have fun with their senses and with wine.

Appointment at 2:30 p.m. at the winery in Località Castelletto 39, Monforte d’Alba; the cost of admission is €15.00 per participant.