Being a farmer means

Living the great responsibility of the land we have inherited and which we will leave to our children

The winery has been designed to be integrated into the rural landscape and reduce heat, insulating the perimeter with natural cork. The building optimizes the working process, following the natural path of life of wine

We take care of the environment in every step of the production process

certification of

Corporate sustainability Ecoprowine

Thanks to a photovoltaic system that makes indipendent, we reduce CO2 emissions by 13 thousand pounds a year

  • We work according to the dictates of organic farming for over 10 years
  • We have reduced by 20% packaging, we use a thinner glass, and cardboard and shorter corks

40% of farmland is dedicated to the woods, to further balance our carbon footprint
In 2015 we obtained the certification of sustainable corporate by Ecoprowine

Visit our cellar

It will be a great pleasure to welcome you in the company and tell you our story, let you discover our vineyards and the cellar, strolling among the barrels where silently matures the wine