Assuming the great responsibility for this land we have inherited and will pass on to our children

The estate has been designed to integrate with the rural landscape and to reduce heat loss by insulating surfaces with natural cork. The building maximises production efficiency, following the wine’s natural cycle.

We take the environment into consideration at every stage of production


Ecoprowine Sustainable Enterprise

Thanks to a photovoltaic installation that makes us electricity-autonomous, we have reduced our CO2 emissions to 13,000 kg annually.

  • We have complied with the rules of organic agriculture for more than 10 years
  • We have reduced packaging by 20% by using lighter-weight glass, thinner cardboard and shorter corks

The estate is 40% managed forest to offset our carbon footprint.
In 2015 we obtained the Ecoprowine Sustainable Enterprise Certification

Visit our cellar

t will be a great pleasure to welcome you to our estate. Come and let us tell you our history and show you our vineyards and cellar. Have a saunter among the barrels where our wines silently mature