Our family is rooted in this land from the beginning of the twentieth century. In a century of life, the bond that joins us to these hills has been strengthened through the generations. For two centuries we grow the vines and tell the area through our wines. Harvest after harvest, we are rooted in the great land of Langa. 


We work the vines with respect for the land and the responsibility to leave to our children the precious heritage of a generous land, which gives wines of exquisite elegance and exceptional longevity, famous throughout the world.


In 1982 a Barolo of the highest quality, which has been the impulse that gave birth to the farm Josetta Saffirio, was born from some experiments. In addition to Barolo  we produce  and sell also Dolcetto and Barbera d’Alba. Barolo was rewarded  twice with “Three glasses” (years ’88 and ’89) and the international appreciations are in great numbers as well.

Josetta Saffiro

A wonderful adventure in Langhe


The hero

Ernesto Saffirio

Ernesto Saffirio borns in Castelletto in 1910, grandson of the first Saffirio transferred to Castelletto and first of five children. As a child, he works to support his family, as his father was in war. Ernesto is in turn called up during II World War and returnes alive from the African campaign and from Russia. Despite the enormous difficulties that life places before, Ernesto is a strong and determined man who studies self-taught, and graduates. This earned him the title of director at the Social Security Institution in Cuneo, where he lives after the war. It will always remain deeply attached to Castelletto, to the point of acquiring the heritage of the brothers to unite the property. Is able to spread to his daughter Josetta love and passion for the land, through the stories of the gnomes, who populated the forests helping the farmers.


A woman in the myth

Josetta Saffirio

Josetta borns in 1952 and only 23 she choses to return to his roots, in Castelletto; she transforms the company selling grapes at a winery starting to make wine with her name and describing it with the poetry of the gnomes. Josetta creates a unique Barolo, which in the nineties amazes the Italian wine scene. A vin de garage of high quality and manufactured in very few bottles. With her courage, Josetta, a rare woman in a man’s world, is bound to leave an indelible mark and enter into the myth.


The fifth generation

Sara Vezza

Sara represents the fifth generation of farmers in Castelletto of Monforte d’Alba: the torch passes through the female line. An important heritage in terms of responsibility towards past and future generations.“We are pieces of a mosaic. We are wine writers, actors of nature, we help plants to grow, as children and we are in contact with the vitality of the earth. The soil, the vine and everything that surrounds us. Wine is a life force, rich in micro-organisms that allow it to evolve. For this reason it is necessary to work the land with great responsibility towards future generations.”

Timeline of our farm



The first Saffirio moved to Monforte d'Alba



After the Second War

Ernesto Saffirio buys lands from the brothers to keep the heritage united



The adventure of Josetta Saffirio begins

Josetta, Ernesto’s daughter, decides to take care of the vineyards of the father and courageously starts producing wine and in this way her adventure begins



The first Barolo

Josetta presents her first Barolo with the current original design by Josetta Saffirio



Josetta Saffirio’s Barolo is awarded with Tre Bicchieri of Gambero Ross

Josetta Saffirio’s Barolo is awarded with Tre Bicchieri of Gambero Rosso along with 53 other companies throughout Italy



Production of barolo resumes

After a little break, Sara, Josetta’s daughter, takes over the company and starts to produce Barolo



Uniquen aim: sustainability

The new winery is designed and our journey towards Sustainability starts.



The Bio Park is designed and created



Inauguration of the new photovoltaic system

We inaugurate the new photovoltaic system, that reduces by 13,000 kg CO2 emissions and 6,500 kg of oil per year



Tergeo and Ecoprowine projects

We are part of the pilot farms of Tergeo and Ecoprowine projects



labels makeover

The labels undergo a makeover that aims to ferry a historical company in the new world of wine: a more refined and recognizable logo, that keeps the gnomes that have always characterized our labels



We get the certification of Sustainable Company



We get the certification of organic farm by C.C.P.B


Visit our cellar

It will be a great pleasure to welcome you in the company and tell you our story, let you discover our vineyards and the cellar, strolling among the barrels where silently matures the wine