Rosé wine

Langhe d.o.c. Rosato

A clear panorama in the glass, from the nail of a pale pink orange, typical of Nebbiolo grape. The fresh scents of violet and raspberry blend with the berries and bon-bon cherry. Net the taste of fresh fruit from exotic notes, which intersects with thin nuaces citrus.



VARIETY: Nebbiolo 100%

PRODUCTION AREA: City of Monforte d’Alba. Type ElvezianoLand (emerged seabed, formed in the late Miocene, 10 to 12 million years ago) of medium texture (silt, clay and sand in balanced percentages), rich in minerals and limestone.

CULTIVATION OF THE VINEYARD: Low Guyot system on hills with good inclines (40-50%) with south-est exposure.

YIELD: 70 hectoliters.

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VINIFICATION: After hand-picking, in the second half of August, the Nebbiolo is pressed and left to macerate for about 6 hours. With the soft pressing, is the separation of the skins from the must decanting bath in thermo-conditioned at a controlled temperature of 11 ° C for 12 hours. After racking, the must ferments for about 20 days at 18 ° C

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: 12.5% alcohol; 5.5 g / l residual sugar; acidity 5.5 g / lt.

CULINARY SPECIFICATIONS: This amazing wine tells stories of a romantic Scandinavian spring cottage, of a ‘sparkling’ summer sailing with friends. Perfect companion for middle-seasoned cheeses, shellfish and fish in general. Always the perfect opportunity to enjoy a glass of the Langhe Rosato