After the itinerary I proposed to you in June, here is another route to visit our territory and discover new locations. In July I thought of a tour of Alta and Bassa Langa, where history, art and culture blend with vineyards and postcard views. Yes, the Langhe are all this!

From Montelupo Albese to Rodello

You can start from Montelupo Albese, a small village situated above the mountains and placed on a hill. Its name seems to derive from the wolves that, according to an ancient legend, lived in this height. The country is characterized by the beauty of its landscape. Located about 600 meters. above sea level allows you to enjoy enchanting views: from the western alpine arc where Monviso stands out to the green hills that surround it. Going up further you can visit another picturesque village called Rodello. It stands on the crest of a hill, is characterized by healthy air and here we find a generous and refreshing view. The church of the Immaculate Conception is now home to the Museum of Contemporary Sacred Art “Dedalo Montali”. A museum of modern and religious art that is unique in the local and national scene. If in addition to loving the breathtaking views you are passionate about art I suggest you do not miss the opportunity to visit Rodello.

Sinio and Roddino

Descending towards the Talloria Valley we meet Sinio. Small village perched on the green hills. Formerly called Sineum today is a rural and tourist center. It stretches over the hills of the Bassa Langa and is surrounded by vineyards and hazel groves. I point out that the pro loco in the summer season organizes night walks and on August 14th there is the “Notte delle Masche” party not to be missed if you’re around! The village is transformed into a magical village.
Continuing our journey we arrive at Roddino, between Alta and Bassa langa, where the ancient salt route used to pass. Immediately striking the eye is the wide expanse of vineyards of Dolcetto and Nebbiolo that surround the village and make it a place of absolute charm from which it is worth passing.

Monforte d’Alba

The route ends in Monforte d’Alba, the area where our company is based. We are located in the Langa del Barolo. As we saw in the June itinerary Monforte is a small pearl of history in the heart of this territory. The town square, thanks to its particular shape, during the summer turns into an auditorium which is home to cultural events. In particular, I would like to point out that there are numerous music concerts during the months of July and August . If you happen to be in the area during one of these I suggest you do not miss the chance! A unique setting in the world that becomes even more magical in the summer months, creating a unique atmosphere linked to the landscape.

Visit our cellar

A few kilometers from Monforte you can find our cellar, where you can enjoy a sweet break. It will be wonderful to welcome you in the barrels where we slowly refine our wines and talk with you about the beauties you have visited during your journey, giving you new ideas for your trip.
The visit to our cellar will be a complete sensory experience, tasting our wines accompanied by tasty platters of local meats and cheeses. It will be an opportunity to combine the beauty of the landscape with the pleasure of tasting, an ideal union of all that this beautiful area can offer our visitors. So you can keep a vivid memory of your experience.

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