Let’s suppose that you received a bottle of Barolo as a present or just bought it and now you’ve invited some friends at lunch but you are not able to pairBarolo with meat. Keep calm and try the Veal Sirloin recipe! We’ll show you how to prepare it and get a standing ovation!

The Veal Sirloin Recipe: how to make it

Barolo is perfectly matched with dishes that have powerful flavors, like theveal Sirloin. It comprises various muscles and includes a portion of the hip bone and backbone. It is rich in velvety marrow and soft connective tissue both of which melt like butter.


  • 400 gr of veal Sirloin
  • rosemary
  • coarse salt
  • extra virgin olive oil


Cut a veal sirloin slice 2 cm high and dress with salt and extravirgin olive oil. It needs to cook on a hot stone ( or a no-stick pan) for 3 minutes each side of the meat.

Serve veal sirloin accompanied by puree of potatoes.

Our foodie tip:  serve veal sirloin with Josetta Saffirio Barolo D.O.C.G. 2012.This wine is also perfect with cheeses!

We hope that the veal sirloin recipe would have helped you to make a good impression with your friends and to savour a glass of Barolo. If so, leave us a comment!