Here I am at the end of a long day, as rich as ever of so much work in the management of my farm and beyond.

I often tell friends about my days and their question is always the same: “Sara, how are you doing everything?Yes, good question! Sometimes I ask myself how I do it. I talked about it some time ago in my blog: my company, 4 children and a husband represent in reality my energy to face with joy and serenity all my daily challenges

Precisely with the arrival of the cold season, when the long summer, which culminates with the September harvest, is now behind me I like to rethink all the work of the last months and the many people who visited my cellar during the beautiful season.

Each tasting is a unique moment

Every person, every tasting is a special moment. I welcome winelovers (… and not only) from all over Italy and the world in a moment of meeting that goes well beyond the simple wine tasting. They are moments of exchange in which my desire is to build a community. A group of people that increases year after year, which is a first time and then a second until, almost without realizing it, a friendship is established and the tasting becomes a fixed appointment year after year to rekindle and tell a lot of things with a good glass of wine.

I thought then to share here with you 5 reasons why visit my cellar, (even when you are in full autumn or winter) that for me are really very important:

  1. Drink wine, an excellent wine. It seems obvious but it is not. A visit to the cellar must have as a central moment the wine tasting! If this is not good, you risk losing much of the magic of the moment. The wine I produce is the result of the work and passion of all those who work in my company. Thanks to this commitment we have received many international awards that give us the incentive to improve and always offer a better product.
  2. Know the history of my company. Starting from my grandfather Ernesto Saffirio up to me, we have been cultivating the vineyard for more than two centuries and telling this territory through our wines. I love to describe this story as a marvelous adventure in the land of the Langhe, made of passion and love. A story that excites me every time I tell it to those who want to listen.
  3. Enjoy a unique territory. My company is in Monforte d’Alba, we are in the Langhe, a UNESCO heritage. I am proudly part of this territory and if you come to find me you will discover not only unique wines but, also, postcard landscapes. During the last summer I proposed some itineraries in the area that can also be done in autumn or winter. Every season in the Langhe has its own peculiarities that deserve to be seen. Discover my itineraries:
  4. Discovering my eco-sustainable winery. A very important project that I realized is the modernization of my cellar, a structure designed to integrate into the rural landscape and reduce the environmental impact. The entire building has been designed to optimize work and resources. A winery in harmony with its territory that blends with my idea of sustainable viticulture
  5. Participate in my projects. I have always understood my activity as a wine producer as something that goes well beyond the vineyard. It means for me to take care of my territory. I do this by always investing in new projects. One of the initiatives I am particularly proud of is Adpot a row, I talked about it in my blog in October. By joining this project you will become part of my community of adopters, who take care of a precious row and you will contribute to participate in the preservation of a unique environment, protecting the traditions and practices necessary for the birth of a true Barolo DOCG.

If you wish to book a tasting session in my cellar, click here and you can experience the 5 points that I have just told you in person! If I think back to what I just wrote now I can explain how I can do everything. The passion for everything I do allows me to face with a smile the myriad commitments of my mother’s day, businesswoman and wife and a part of the merit is yours! With your visits to the winery, at meeting times with my adopters, I understand that everything I’m doing makes sense.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!