Harvest after harvest

We sow our roots in the great land of Langa

In the early twentieth century, Josetta’s father, Ernesto, began cultivating the vineyards inherited from his father. In 1975, very young, Josetta decides to take care of his father’s vineyards. Graduated in agriculture and flanked by her husband Roberto, an oenologist, begins cultivating vineyards planted by grandparents just after the Second World War. After a few years, Josetta and Roberto see their labors rewarded and succeed in producing a Nebbiolo of recognized quality. In 1985, the first Barolo was presented with the current label, the result of a passion and commitment never diminished…

Our Labels

Gnomes are the consciences of good men

Josetta, author of the original label designs, kept alive these stories for her children Sara and Alessio. She decided to dedicate wines to these little creatures that help farmers in the fields, taking care of the animals and the cellar in exchange for a bit of wine.

The originality and beauty of these designs, made the illustrations of Josetta Saffirio famous worldwide. The gnome perfectly represents our way of producing wine in a perspective of sustainability

Sara Vezza invites you to

Visit our cellar

It will be a great pleasure to welcome you to the company and tell you about our history, to make you discover our vineyards and our cellar

Our roots

The vineyards

Our roots are in Monforte d’Alba, in Piedmont, from five generations and two hundred years

Our wines

Red Wines

  • Barolo
  • Langhe Nebbiolo
  • Barbera d’Alba

our wines

White & Sparkling Wines

  • Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC
  • Langhe DOC Rossese Bianco
  • Moscato

Our wines

Rosé Wines

  • Langhe DOC Rosato
  • Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Spumante


Evidence of the results achieved through constant commitment and passion


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  • Love and wine, love wine ❤️ #Repost @miranda.legg ・・・
The day I got to go truffle hunting, aka the best day ever! 😃 Truffles are a rare find, grown under ground and can only be found with the help of a trained dog. They grow under hazelnut or oak trees but with no signs on the surface. We went on a hunt for the black summer truffle which while not as rare as the white winter truffle, still absolutely delicious. And fortunately for me our dog Willy found 2, which I got to keep!! After the hunt we had a private wine tasting with local langhe cheese and of course more truffle! I was in heaven! ❤️ #truffles #trufflehunting #truffleshuffle #lovetruffles #albaitaly #italy #traveltheworld #truffleseason #seetheworld #josettasaffirio
  • Su una bella tavola colorata non può mancare della Barbera! #Repost @marjanelamaa ・・・
Juhannusaaton lounaalla söimme valtavia T-luupihvejä, joiden kanssa nautimme ihanaa viiniä, kiitos @pullo.labottiglia !
Midsummer is full of good food and wine!
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  • Le bollicine sono sempre un'ottima idea! #Repost @gally76 ・・・
Bollicine di qualità con il Nebbiolo d’Alba vinificato Spumante Brut di @josettasaffiriowines 🍾

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  • Quando tra cantina ed enoteca c'è una relazione di affetto e stima! 🍷❣️#Repost @cantinadalicia ・・・
🍷 Cosa puoi scovare in enoteca? 🍷
Una famiglia che coltiva le vigne nella meravigliosa terra di Langa da due secoli. Un’azienda agricola che, lavorando con dedizione e passione, ha ottenuto tanti riconoscimenti. Un vino biologico dall’eleganza innata.
Potete farvi conquistare dal profumo intenso del Barolo d.o.c.g. Persiera o dalle note delicate di sambuco provenienti dal Nebbiolo d’Alba d.o.c. e rimanere affascinati dal vivo colore violaceo della Barbera d’Alba d.o.c.
Il nostro staff vi aspetta in enoteca per presentarvi e consigliarvi le migliori bottiglie di Josetta Saffirio Wines 💋
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  • L'arcobaleno e l'oro del vino! 🌈✨ #Repost @cantinasocial (❣️)
Liquid #gold at the end of the rainbow?! Yes please!
If you don’t follow @JosettaSaffiriowines yet, then you are missing out! Not only because you get to see these fantastic labels travel all over the world, but because they have some of the most exceptional territorial products. One of our favorites is the lesser know #Rossese Bianco that found a home in the fossil rich hills of the #Langhe… a versatile and white that goes through an interesting and unique winemaking process! 
The grapes are manually harvested during the last week or so of September. If you are already intrigued by the late harvest, it’s time to get ready. The grapes at this time are experiencing a noble rot which creates an innate evolution within the grapes and their juice. All of that is enhanced by a short maceration in the press, and then a part of the of the wine is then fermented in oak barrels at the cellar temperature. The wine is left on the lees while going through “batonage”… all of these details are crucial in extracting all of the flavors and complexities of grape. Now you understand the #LiquidGold comment. 
This wine is complex, smooth and demonstrates a wide range of mature fruit notes while still maintaining a beautiful balance of acidity. If you’re planning a meal and looking for a wine that will really compliment and become a part of an experience or memory… Than this is the place to start!
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  • Post fioritura: si stanno formando gli acini. In vigna stiamo sfogliando per togliere la vegetazione, ossia le femminelle, ed esporre il grappolo al sole. È un lavoro delicato e da eseguire con attenzione: il grappolo deve infatti abituarsi gradualmente durante la crescita per evitare scottature 🍇☀️ After the blossoming: berries are coming to life. It's time for us to leaf through and remove the vegetation, the "femminelle", in order to expose the bunch to the sun. It is delicate work, that must be performed carefully: the bunch must in fact gradually get used to it during growth to avoid sunburns 🍇☀️ #barolo #wine #vino #winetime #grapes #langhe #piemonte #experience #tasting #winery #josettasaffirio #josettasaffiriowines #saravezza #saravezzawinemaker

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I believe I have had the great privilege of being born here, that I could grow up knowing the lights, colors, and smells of this earth. Until one day I realized that it was not the land to belong to me, but I was to belong to it